Will Travel
Because sometimes you just have to hit the road...

Welcome to my delorean road Trip.......

How This All Got Started

June 26. 2012

April 17th was the day my manager informed me that there was “no position for me going forward.”  And with that I became one of the thousands of people across the nation laid off.  Let's face it, it stinks to be laid off.  In one sense, it's comforting to know I am far from the only person in this boat.  In another sense it is disheartening.  While I am not alone, the fact that I am not alone shows just how unpredictable the corporate world is right now and how cold hearted it has become.  Eventually I need a job but first I need a some evidence that the world is not as cold nor as unpredictable as the corporate environment I have been living in for some time.  Along with dusting off my resume I have decided to spend some time to renewing my optimism.  I need to zoom out, so to speak.  I need to put this disappointment into a larger context and rediscover the kind of faith and hope that feels very hard to grasp and hang on to these days.  

So I decided to take a road trip.  And not just any road trip.  I decided to take my DeLorean and drive off into the sunset to visit places I have never been, see some people I never see and find out just how far I can get in this unreliable but beloved vehicle.  Everyone loves the DeLorean and DeLorean lovers do what very few people, institutions or workplaces do....they help each other out with no financial incentive and no other pay off other than the satisfaction of helping a friend and maybe sharing a beer.  Ever where I go people ask about this car so we decided to invite people to join me in my journey by posting pictures of people with the car, taking pictures of the car.  Now the wide open road in front of me and thanks to a very nice severance package I can pause and consider my next move because sometimes you just gotta hit the road.

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