Will Travel
Because sometimes you just have to hit the road...
The car was designed back in the day of 55 mph speed limits by a bunch of engineers in northern Europe.  Needless to say, this did not prepare it very well for Texas summers.  Modifications to the cooling system and the charging system were necessary to keep it cool and meet the electrical demands that running the cooling fans and AC system required.  The car was originally produced with a 135 hp engine that was used in Peugeots, Renaults and Volvos (remember those boxy 760s in the mid 80s?).  Various engine work was done by the local DeLorean shop who added a warmer set of cams and headers.  I recently got rid of the mechanical fuel injection for an electronic one, and did various upgrades to make the electrical system more dependable. These modifications were made at different times over the years resulting in something that I hope will carry me around the US.  If it doesn't I will have my tool bag with me and always lots of interested help.

I first saw the DeLorean when my Mom drove it to the airport to pick me up.  What a surprise, the last thing I had seen her driving was the family station wagon!  Of course you have to know a little about my Mom to understand her choice of cars.  She grew up in France through WW I I and even drove an ambulance during the Battle of the Bulge.  She was no stranger to manual transmissions.  She always said she wanted a sports car like a Maserati and with me being the last kid out of the house, she and my Dad went hunting for the car of her dreams.  I'm not quite sure why she settled on the DeLorean, but I know she liked its looks and my Dad like the idea of a stainless steel body.  I know myfather always drove sedans (a Cadillac man after he retired). At any rate Mom rolled up to the sidewalk at the airport and popped open the doors and loaded me in.  This was her daily driver for 20 years or so.  When she turned 75 she decided she wanted power steering and since I had kept the car running all that time, I got to continue taking care of it (and drive it too)!  Over the years she had had many an adventure with this car, if I get the chance I'll mention a few of them later.

The Family Fun-ster
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